WI’ER a Cold Beer With Legs

WI’ER (pronounced like we’re) was created and developed by two women and friends in South Carolina who felt called to help those impacted by human trafficking. WI’ER stands for Women In Empowering Roles, and 10% of profits of the sales of the brand’s hard seltzer infused with wine flavor supports organizations helping stop human trafficking in our communities. 

Available in red or white wine flavor, each can of WI’ER is just 100 calories, 4.2% ABV, 5g of carbs and gluten free. Hand crafted with the highest quality ingredients, WI’ER explodes with flavor.

The red high heel you see in our logo represents the power and soul of all women. WI’ER Love, WI’ER Grateful, WI’ER a Movement! Join us as we work together to end human trafficking, one sip at a time.

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